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March 16, 2021

Internal investigationcarried out by Émilie Delorme, director of the CNSMDP (Paris Conservatory), co-directed by Christophe Pillon (CNSMDP HR Director) and Caroline De Haas (Egaé Group) following two anonymous reports.

Jérôme Pernoo is suspended as a precautionary measure for a maximum period of four months. [sources 1, 2]

July 16, 2021

Reintegration of Jérôme Pernoo at the CNSMDP and redundancy plan [sources 6, 7, 8]

Sep 7, 2021

Abandonment of the dismissal plan for serious misconduct

One-year exclusion [sources 9, 10]

Dec 7 2021

Condemnation of the CNSMDP and suspension of the sanction 

the CNSMDP is ordered to pay €2,000 to Jérôme Pernoo [sources 12, 13, 14]

Dec 13 2021

New suspension by Jérôme Pernoo

Opening of asecond investigation internal [sources 15, 16]

April 8, 2022

One month extension of the suspension conservatory, deemed illegal on Nov. 2, 2022 [source 17]

May 11, 2022

Dismissal without notice or compensation from Jérôme Pernoo [source 18]

June 22, 2022

Jérôme Pernoo is reinstated at the Conservatory sur decision of the Administrative Tribunal

The Conservatory is once again ordered to pay him €2,000; [sources 20, 21]

Nov 2, 2022

On a new decision of the Administrative Court (trial on the merits), the CNSMDP confirms the dismissal of Jérôme Pernoo, who will immediately appeal. [source 22]

March 15, 2023

“The cellist Bruno Philippe in turn files a complaint against Jérôme Pernoo” title France Musique and the RTBF[sources 24, 25]

May 26, 2023

Hearing at the 15th Criminal Chamber of the Paris Court [source 26]

Sep 26, 2023

The Criminal Court of Paris has acquitted the defendant of all charges raised by Angèle Legasa, Rafael Cumont-Vioque, and Bruno Philippe

The Criminal Court found the civil party constitution of the Conservatoire to be inadmissible

The court has handed down a conviction for the assault reported by Noé Natorp : one year's imprisonment suspended in its entirety

[source 47]


Appeal trial on the decision of the Administrative Tribunal of November 2, 2023 confirming the dismissal of Jérôme Pernoo [source 22]

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